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About OneSight

We’re optometrists, industry experts, clinicians, passionate volunteers and partners pioneering a movement to unlock human progress through universal vision care access.

Our History

Our Timeline

Since 1988, OneSight’s volunteers have helped 8.5 million people in 40 countries. We won’t stop until the world can see.

Our Team

Our Team

Diverse backgrounds united under the belief that sight is a basic human right.

We won't stop until the world can see.

Better Sight is Universal

People everywhere–in developed and developing countries alike–need clear sight to thrive.

OneSight helps communities create sustainable, long-term vision care access, and operates charitable clinics that deliver eye exams and free glasses to those without access.

Our Financials

OneSight is a public nonprofit: Every donation supports our vision programs.

Our Supporters

Our programs are funded by individuals, corporations and foundations.

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