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Volunteering at a clinic is an experience that will always carry with you.

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OneSight Volunteers and Beneficiary

OneSight’s Role in the Vision Care Crisis

OneSight is an independent nonprofit providing access to quality vision care and glasses in underserved communities worldwide. Our mission is to eradicate the vision care crisis in our lifetime. As a global vision care leader since 1988, we’ve impacted more than 10 million lives across 46 countries and are leading solutions to bring sustainable access to quality vision care for all.

Across the globe, We’ve
impacted more than 10 million

Raffaele Borrello

“When many people think about OneSight, they think it is an experience where you are just asked to give, but what they don’t know is that the effort you put in is nothing compared to what you receive.”

Raffaele Borrello Dubai, UAE

What to Expect as a Volunteer

  • One or two week vision clinic set up by OneSight volunteers with the help of local support
  • Luxottica team members and doctors travel the world to hand-deliver vision care and eyewear
  • Patients receive a thorough optical exam by a licensed optometrist and eyewear is dispensed
  • Clinic teams are a blend of skilled and non-optical skilled Luxottica team members
  • All team members will have pre and onsite training from experienced OneSight team members and doctors

How to Apply

Visit My OneSight between September 3 – October 4

Selected clinic team members will be announced on OneDay, December 10, 2019

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OneSight Volunteer, Shareen Smith

Shereen Smith

“You experience something special every day on a OneSight clinic. There are so many life-changing experiences, I wish I could share them all.”

Shereen Smith Cape Town, South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions (And Our Answers)

What are OneSight Charitable Vision Clinics?

Charitable Vision Clinics are 1–2 week events set up by OneSight volunteers with the help of local support. Luxottica employees and doctors travel the world to hand-deliver free vision care and eyewear. Patients receive a thorough optical exam by a licensed optometrist and new eyewear is dispensed. These clinic teams are a blend of skilled optical and non-optical employees and include a balance of alumni and first-time volunteers. All team members selected for Charitable Vision Clinics will have pre-clinic and onsite training from experienced clinic alumni and doctors.

What are OneSight Manufacturing Clinics?

Manufacturing Clinics are 1–2 week manufacturing events hosted at a OneSight Resource Center in North America. This unique clinic model focuses on manufacturing complete pairs of eyewear in prescription ranges most commonly needed for OneSight clinic patients. Manufacturing teams are comprised of skilled manufacturing and non-manufacturing employees. All team members selected for Manufacturing Clinics will receive onsite training.

What are OneSight Sustainable Projects?

This opportunity is different from a traditional OneSight Charitable Vision Clinic. Sustainable projects require more in-depth, extended engagement by employees with specific expertise. Our goal is to engage a global team of cross-functional experts to develop OneSight’s sustainable projects including opening permanent vision centers in countries where we serve. Employees are selected based on their special skills ranging from optics, manufacturing, finance, marketing and beyond. These teams will work together to establish permanent in-country vision centers.

Why should I apply for a OneSight Clinic experience?

Volunteering for a Charitable Vision Clinic, Manufacturing Clinic or Sustainable Project provides incredible personal and professional development opportunities, including leadership and team building skills. These experiences offer the chance to work side-by-side with Luxottica colleagues from around the world while helping those most in need of vision care.

Am I eligible to apply?

Any employee (full- or part-time / 20+ hours) in good standing who has worked for the company at least one year as of September 3, 2019 is eligible to apply. Casual part-time, contractors or temp employees are not eligible.

I am a sublease doctor, can I apply?

Yes! We welcome applications from licensed operators.

I am a doctor and/or Licensed Operator of a Pearle Vision, can I apply?

Yes! We welcome applications from licensed operators.

I am a vendor who works with Luxottica. Can I apply?

No. Luxottica-affiliated vendors are not eligible to apply for OneSight Clinics. However, some spots are reserved and awarded based on financial contributions/OneSight sponsorship. For more information, contact Tracey Drzich at

How do I apply?

Visit between September 3 and October 4. Be ready to answer general background questions (like your name, address, job title—standard “get to know you” stuff) and short open-ended questions. Click the “Submit” button once finished. This notifies your supervisor it is time to complete his/her portion. Your application is not final until your supervisor has reviewed it and submitted it to OneSight. Make sure your supervisor has plenty of time to finish his/her portion.

What is the application code?

You will need a code to start your application. When you land on the initial page to get started, please enter “apply2020” to begin.

Can I apply for all three types of clinics?

Yes! You can apply for one or all three but will only be selected for one.

When is my application due?

Applications will be accepted for 2019 Charitable Vision Clinics, Manufacturing Clinics and Sustainable Projects through Friday, October 4, 2019. Remember, your application is not final until your supervisor has completed his/her portion.

Do I have to complete my application all at once?

No. You will be asked to create a username and password to begin your application. All information will be saved and can be completed at a later time using the username and password you created.

I started my application and cannot remember my password. How can I get my password?

Simply enter your username and select the “forgot password” option. Your password will be emailed to you.

How will I know if my supervisor has approved my application?

All applicants will receive confirmation once their application is 100% complete and supervisor approved. It is also a great idea to discuss your interest in applying with your supervisor in advance and to confirm his or her email address (applicants will enter it during the application process). Store associates should not use their store email address for their supervisor, as it will not work.

How is my application scored?

Applications are reviewed by OneSight and global HR Managers.

When will I be notified if I was selected for a OneSight clinic?

Selected team members will receive an email from OneSight on OneDay, scheduled for Wednesday, December 10. Additionally, full clinic team lists will be posted on the My OneSight section of by 1pm Eastern Standard Time.

Can I attend more than one clinic each year?

No. Employees who are selected can only be placed on one clinic per year. At times there are exceptions for those who may be needed to serve in a leadership role for US Regional Clinics as the local coordinator in their home city.

Do I have to use my PTO while attending a OneSight clinic?

No. All employees (except those living in Australia and New Zealand) are paid for their time at clinic and do not have to use PTO to attend.

Can I select my clinic location?

No. Employees cannot select their clinic locations, but they can indicate which months they prefer to attend, the clinic type they wish to attend, and whether they want a one or two week commitment.

Are there one-week opportunities available?

Yes! Many clinic opportunities are one week long. Associates can indicate their preference for a one- or two-week experience during the application process. Since spots are limited, OneSight will try to accommodate all requests for one-week experiences.

If I am selected and my availability changes, can I be placed on another clinic?

OneSight cannot guarantee that associates will be placed on another team but will evaluate each situation as it arises.

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