Make Your Glasses Last

Here are our top tips for keeping your glasses in great shape.

Hold with Two Hands

Using both hands to remove your glasses from your face will help prevent frame misalignment and loosening of the fit over time.


Store your glasses in a hard case. If you put them down without a case, make sure lenses are facing up to prevent scratching. And as you would probably guess, a hot car or any spot in direct sunlight is not an ideal storage place.


Use glasses cleaner or warm water and a bit of dish soap. Avoid using saliva, paper towels or tissues.


Need a Fix?

Over time the fit of your glasses might change due to wear and tear. Many optical retailers provide free adjustments. Check with your local eyewear store to see if they offer this service.

If your glasses break or your prescription changes and you need assistance getting a new pair, OneSight may be able to help. Read about your options here.


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