When OneSight sets out to help a community, it means that everyone in that community will have year-round vision care access forever. Now, that’s change for good.

Building community vision centers into existing hospitals and other healthcare infrastructure

Community Based Sustainable Vision Center

Building school-based vision centers so kids and families can reach their full potential

School Based Sustainable Vision Center

VISION centers
impact communities
beyond sight

OneSight Beneficiary
OneSight Volunteers and Beneficiaries

They create jobs by training and
people in the community
to work at them

They open up new educational
at local universities

OneSight Beneficiaries

And they empower
communities to be self-sustaining far after our time there

Sustainable centers
change whole countries

OneSight Beneficiaries

The Gambia had only 1 optometrist to serve
2 million people

OneSight Beneficiary

Now, with 7 vision centers and 1 manufacturing lab, the entire country has permanent access to eye care

Even the president, Adama Barrow, visited a OneSight vision center where he received his first pair of glasses

79 local jobs have been created

OneSight Beneficiary

Every single Gambian has the opportunity to earn more, live better and see a brighter future—for good

OneSight Sustainable Center Worker

And now, the trained Gambian team is helping bring permanent access to other African nations like Rwanda and Liberia

OneSight Beneficiaries

So far, 210 sustainable centers
provide permanent access to 46.6 MILLION people worldwide

Your support makes permanent change like this possible

A solution lacks impact if it doesn’t have generosity and kindness backing it up

OneSight Beneficiaries

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