EyeMed’s passion for clear, healthy vision extends to everyone. From leadership to staff, EyeMed is changing lives and communities with OneSight. Join us and help more people see a brighter future.

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The Cause

1 in 7 people around the world need glasses and have no way to get them.

That means they aren’t able to learn to their full potential, earn as much at work, or drive or play safely. We’re changing that, together. OneSight is leading the way to close the global vision care gap with the support of EyeMed and 60+ other partners and sponsors from around the world.

Our Impact

Together with our supporters—including the EyeMed family of clients and brokers—OneSight is closing the global vision care gap.


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for good

Launching in February 2021, EyeMed’s Donate for Good program is an easy way to support OneSight and change lives through sight.

How it works

  1. Employees can make contributions to OneSight by collecting eyewear for recycling.
  2. For each pair of glasses donated, EyeMed contributes $5 in your company’s name to OneSight.
  3. Every contribution helps give access to vision care that will unleash the potential of 1.1 billion people. around the world.

partner with us

Want to give back and even get your employees involved? Contact us via the form below to learn more about sponsorship and partnership opportunities.




At only 5 years old, Alex has had to struggle a lot with his vision. Alex lives with his mom in one of New York City’s poorest neighborhoods. His mother knew he was having problems seeing, but she didn’t have a way to help him. Fortunately, she was able to take him to a OneSight charitable clinic where he was given a free eye exam—where he was diagnosed with a -11 prescription. That means anything more than a couple of inches from his face was to blurry to see.

OneSight made him his first pair of glasses. As soon as they were on his face, everyone could see him brighten up and interact more with the world around him. Even in the midst of a pandemic, kids and adults alike need glasses.