Every year we help thousands of kids and adults get their vision back with the help of an eye exam and a pair of glasses. See stories of success, stay up-do-date on where we’re headed next, and become part of the OneSight family.

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For his 7th birthday, Colt got his first pair of glasses. He lives in one of the most economically challenged parts of the country and without glasses, he would be at a high risk for dropping out of school. But, as he puts it, with glasses ‘now I can see everything perfectly!’

what’s the big deal about glasses?

Right now, 25% of students in the United States have a vision problem that hasn’t been diagnosed. There are a lot of reasons why, but the benefits of giving kids in need glasses is huge:

2x learning

For kids who can’t see well, it’s like missing half a school year. Glasses put them back on track.


Getting glasses reduces the chance that kids with vision problems will drop out. By as much as 44%!


Kids who can’t see are often shy and withdrawn. Glasses help them come out of their shell.