Give a gift that lasts


Give a Gift that Lasts

Want to do some good that really makes an impact? How about buying some frames for our clinics? Or a computer to help run a self-sustaining vision center?


3 pairs of readers for a global clinic

An eye chart and cover paddle to screen thousands

10 frames for patients in our charitable clinics

Raw materials to make lenses for 100 pairs of glasses

A computer to help run operations at one of our vision centers

Protective lens coating for up to 1,500 pairs of glasses—a must for the kiddos.

want to give for someone else?

Giving clear sight to those who need it most is the perfect present for just about anyone—we guarantee they don’t have it already. If you’d like to donate one of the items above in someone else’s name, here’s a card you can download to let them know:

Download Card

Learn more about OneSight and the global vision care gap.