Hamma is 3.5 years old and came to our Jordan Clinic as a local from Al Mafraq. His smile lit up every room as he played with his twin brother while waiting at each station. His prescription was farsighted with a high astigmatism correction making it difficult for him to see without glasses. He also has a noticeable eye turn that alters his vision, but which is correctable by the glasses that OneSight is providing him. Without his glasses he struggles to do some of the things he loves most like watching online videos of Spider-Man. His glasses will also create a greater opportunity for Hamma to peruse his dreams to fight crime and becomes a policeman when he grows up. His mother expressed her gratitude to the team for the experience they had at our clinic saying “the people are so nice! I feel comfortable and grateful to all of you for giving him glasses! I hope they will
help him be successful in life.”

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