We’re unleashing
the potential of 1.1 billion people

It’s our mission to bring eye exams and glasses to the 1 in 7 people on our planet who lack access to vision care. And with you on our side, victory is in sight.

Make an Impact

OneSight beneficiary tries on donated glasses for the first time

When we see better, we live better

OneSight is an independent nonprofit committed to eradicating the global vision care crisis in our lifetime. Because clear sight does so much more than help us see clearly. It helps us perform better in school, earn more and connect more deeply with one another.

See Why Vision Matters

OneSight Volunteer assisting patient with charitable eye exam

We’re Already Doing It:

On average, every week we see 3,522 patients across sustainable
and charitable programming

Meet Salima

Salima’s struggle with blurry vision affected so much of her life. Then, a OneSight sustainable center opened in her community.


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Means an eye exam, a pair of glasses and a brighter future.

Give Sight

Our Solutions Stretch From
Your Backyard Around the World

With the generosity of our supporters, we’re bringing eye care and opportunity where it’s needed most.

See How

OneSight beneficiary and volunteer smile at sustainable vision charity

From rural China to Fishkill, NY

OneSight Volunteer conducts free eye exam

Our school-based centers provide year-round vision care access so students stay engaged in the classroom.

See How

OneSight beneficiary reading thanks to his new glasses

School-based clinic
Bakersfield, CA

OneSight patient in his new charitable eyewear

Our community-based sustainable centers provide permanent access and are run by trained locals.

See How

OneSight Sustainable Vision Center

Ruhengeri Vision Center
Musanze, Rwanda

OneSight doctor provides charitable eye exam

When the need is urgent, our charitable clinics provide immediate access to eye exams and glasses.

See How

OneSight Volunteer providing charitable eye exam

Charitable Clinic
Pucallpa, Peru

OneSight patient in her new charitable eyewear
OneSight Beneficiary, Shiyu Zhai reading thanks to her charitable eyewear

Shiyu Zhai

“Since I’ve gotten my glasses, I’ve been really good at writing and copying down notes. My grades have gotten a lot better and my math grade has gone up by 9 points.”

Shiyu Zhai, 12 years old Duma Secondary School, China

Today and Tomorrow, You Make
Everything We Do Possible

“There are many people out there who can not afford vision care. Through OneSight, I have the honor of helping some of those people globally.”

Dr. Pam Brown, Volunteer

However you choose to get involved, your generosity and kindness will make an impact

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