Together, we’re helping the world see

Glasses do so much more than help people see better. Glasses help people live better. A simple pair of glasses has the power to help a child learn twice as much in school, or an adult stay competitive and boost their earning potential. Join us on the journey to help the world see—all it takes is an email address.

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For over a billion people, they are out of reach: financially or physically (as in, there’s no one who can give an eye exam or even make a pair of glasses). From kids to parents to grandparents, there are people who can’t see the world around them clearly. But we can change that, together. Here’s how:


We partner with governments, NGOs, and other like-minded organizations to create permanent vision centers, operated and staffed by local people. It means lifetimes of clear sight that allows whole countries to own their own vision care systems.

Through targeted, short-term clinics

Sometimes there aren’t enough resources to support a long-term vision center. So we go where the need is to give people free eye exams and glasses that are made to their exact prescription—often delivered on-site right then and there.

want to see for yourself?

Here’s a patient at one of our recent clinics reading a note that a donor wrote to welcome them to a world of clear sight.