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In 1988, a few LensCrafters employees conducted an experiment – donating 25 pairs of glasses to disadvantaged kids and optimizing the whole process so that the time from eye exam to fitting was just a few hours. That one experiment blossomed into a decades-long commitment to bringing access to vision care to everyone that lacks it.

LensCrafters, and other Luxottica employees, have formed the backbone of our work, through their volunteer work and financial support.


Dr. Pam

You will often see Dr. Pam examining patients on clinics wearing colorful tutus and tennis shoes, bringing smiles to everyone’s face. When Dr. Pam was 7 years old, she received her first pair of eyeglasses. She remembers saying to her parents, “I didn’t realize trees had individual leaves, I thought they were just green blobs.” Now, when she can give that moment back to a patient during a clinic, it takes her back to what the first time seeing clearly was like for her. Some of Dr. Pam’s favorite things to see are: the smile on her grandchild’s face, the joy when her patients can see for the first time and the beauty of a sunset.

Dr. Pam Brown, Detroit MI LensCrafters Doctor for 10+ years
32 OneSight Clinics

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