30 years ago, a few LensCrafters employees conducted an experiment – donating 25 pairs of glasses to disadvantaged kids and optimizing the whole process so that the time from eye exam to fitting was just a few hours.

The experiment worked. And the power of giving clear sight to those who lack a way to get it otherwise was undeniable. That one experiment blossomed into a decades-long commitment to bringing access to vision care to everyone that lacks it.

And today, OneSight has served over 10 million people in the US and around the world. LensCrafters and other Luxottica employees have formed the backbone of our work, through their volunteer work and financial support.

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Students in the US has an undiagnosed vision problem

LensCrafters Sponsors PS188 Vision Center

Students and young children need special attention when it comes to protecting their sight and fueling their potential. Many kids assume that vision problems they have are just normal, so they don’t speak

That’s why LensCrafters sponsored the opening of a permanent school-based vision center in Brooklyn’s PS 188 in Coney Island. Now all 5,000 students and their family members will have access to an eye exam and a pair of glasses.




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*Your donation helps provide an eye exam and a pair of glasses to someone in need.

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