Knowledge is Power

(and for some, glasses are the switch)


Raise your hand if you think it’s not important for kids to see well in school. No hands? Good. Yet, 25% of students in the US and 30% around the world have an undiagnosed vision need. Bad.It’s making our future fuzzy. Every day that a child has trouble seeing the board or reading their textbook is a lost opportunity—for them and for us. The next Albert Einstein or George Washington Carver or Marie Curie might be right in front of us, but struggling; and all they need is a pair of glasses.


What Can I do?

and why does it matter?

What Can I Do?

Sometimes we think of vision problems as ‘an old people thing’, but kids are more vulnerable than most because they often don’t know they have a problem. You can be the game changer for them. If you’re a parent/teacher/coach/aunt/uncle or anyone who has kids in your life, you’re their front line of defense. Here are some resources to help:





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Look for signs of
vision issues

Learn How

Why does vision matter for students?

  • 80% of learning is visual
  • Glasses help improve dropout rates by up to 44%
  • Playing sports is hard when you can’t see clearly
  • Confidence goes up
  • Kids are misdiagnosed as learning disabled
  • They miss the details…like the expression on their mom’s face


OneSight patient in his new charitable eyewear

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