June 20, 2020

OneSight and our partners around the world are helping refugees get the glasses they need to learn more, to build new lives, and to see their way forward.

 People like Luboo. He lost his leg and some of the sight in his left eye while seeking a better life as he crossed the border between Myanmar and Thailand over 11 years ago. With the help of his new glasses, he’s now working to become a farmer and sell fruit in the temporary shelter where he lives. When asked about the first thing he’d like to see after he gets his glasses, Luboo said, “I want to see my parents. I want to let them know that I’m fine. I may have lost my leg, and almost my eye. But I’ve survived and Onesight has helped me with my sight.”

That’s the strength and resilience we see from patients in Syria, in Thailand, in Tanzania, and in refugee settlements all over the world. We believe that they should all have the opportunity to see clearly.

This World Refugee Day, help us make a clear difference for more people like Luboo.


For refugees and displaced people around the world, vision care is out of reach. Help us ensure that they can see their world more clearly.

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