7 days of sight

7 days of bringing awareness
to the global vision care gap.

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1 in 7 people worldwide can’t see clearly

And don’t have access to quality vision care

That’s approximately 1.1 billion people that aren’t able to access their full potential. We’re on a mission to change that. And over the next 7 days, we’re calling on our supporters to help us spread awareness about the vision care gap and how we can close it, together.


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what does lack of access look like?

Lack of access can manifest in a number of ways. Children often don’t realize that they have a vision problem, and without a proper screening, many go undiagnosed. For others the eye care center may be too far or expensive. At OneSight, we define lack of access as:

lack of physical access

Lucila lives in the Amazonas region of Brazil and has to travel
24 hours by boat each way to reach the nearest optometrist. 

lack of awareness

Adan thought that his blurry vision was the way everyone’s eyes worked,
and it caused a lot of problems for him in school. 


56% of children in Puerto Rico live below the poverty line, while a whopping 84% are living in high poverty areas. In Lota, Chile, the average monthly income is $250, making it often impossible for residents to afford vision care. 


Just 6 years ago, The Gambia had only 1 optometrist to serve its 2 million people. Now, with 7 vision care centers and 1 manufacturing lab, the ENTIRE COUNTRY has access quality vision care. That means that every single Gambian now has the opportunity to earn more, live better and see a brighter future.

Join us

in bringing awareness to the 1 in 7 that can’t see clearly

and don’t have access to vision care. Let’s create a world where lack of access is no longer a barrier to human potential. During 7 days of sight, help bring awareness to the global vision care gap:

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