That’s a good thing! Think about your world for a second. What would happen if you didn’t have glasses or contacts? Could you do your job? Would you miss seeing the details of the faces and places you love? But there’s more to the story.




It also has some very big implications. It can help with some of the world’s most critical problems, like:

  • Education: 80% of what kids learn is visual. And a simple pair of glasses can help students learn up to twice as much.
  • Income inequality: Poverty is both a cause and effect of poor eyesight. Glasses have the power to increase productivity by 35% and earning potential by up to 20%.
  • Gender inequality: Women and girls are more likely to be visually impaired, and are also less likely to get their vision corrected, especially in the developing world.

Around the world 1 person in 7 needs a pair of glasses but can’t get them. That means nearly 1.1 billion people are experiencing their own negative #SightEffects. We can change that, together.

Help Raise Awareness

On World Sight Day, October 10, simply share a photo of something you love to see, something clear sight helps you do in your own life, or something you’re passionate about. By showing how clear sight is a critical component of an issue you care about you’ll help highlight the importance of vision care access for all. For example:


Make it Personal

As a parent, my #SightEffects include seeing my daughter’s face light up when she accomplishes something new. Glasses give so much more than clear sight. Learn more @OneSight. #WorldSightDay2019

Scale it Up

Sight impacts everything. For 1 in 7 people, seeing the math problem on the chalkboard isn’t a given. For my students who can see clearly, #SightEffects include learning up to 2x more in school. And my #SightEffects include seeing the confidence on their faces as they learn. What’s yours?

Looking for more inspiration?

Feel free to use these social media-ready images to identify your post has some #sighteffects to share.

My #SightEffects include getting to do what I love. I can perform because glasses give so much more than clear sight. Learn more about a huge global health problem we can actually solve at onesight.org/sighteffects. #WorldSightDay2019

Confidence. Glasses help me look great, and see the world better. Those are my #SightEffects. Find out more about the invisible global health issue impacting 1.1 billion people all over the world @OneSight. What’s your most treasured #SightEffect? #WorldSightDay2019

My #SightEffects include the ability to navigate equipment and spaces so I can make music that speaks to people. Glasses give so much more than clear sight. Find out more about the invisible global health issue impacting 1.1 billion people all over the world @OneSight. #WorldSightDay2019

Focus. When I can see clearly, I can pay attention to what’s right in front of me. As a photographer, that’s really important, and that’s one of my #SightEffects. Thanks glasses! Learn more about the biggest global health issue you’ve never heard of at onesight.org/sighteffects. #WorldSightDay2019


See the difference clear sight has made for three of OneSight’s patients around the globe.




Ameer is a Syrian refugee in Jordan. Although he had a pair of glasses, they were broken beyond repair. Now that he has a new pair, his #sighteffects include being able to stay current with his studies—all the more important for someone in his precarious situation.



Sutinee runs a restaurant in Thailand. Before she got glasses, she was unwilling to drive after sunset, making it a challenge to keep up with all her responsibilities. Her #SightEffects include the freedom to travel when and where she needs to thanks to clear sight.



Mariam got her first pair of glasses from OneSight when she was 11. She knew something was wrong when she couldn’t see the board. But her #SightEffects include going to college and pursuing her dream of majoring in a STEM subject.

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