Hi, We’re onesight.

We’re that neighbor you might not realize lives right down the street. We’ve been in Cincinnati for more than 30 years, so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves for those not familiar with us. And this mural on Race St. is the perfect calling card. So, you may be wondering…


why is this mural staring at me?

Because glasses are more than meets the eye. Ha. OK, it’s because clear sight with the help of glasses is important. Take a closer look and you’ll see that almost everyone in this mural is wearing glasses. And at OneSight, we’re here to make sure everyone who needs a pair of glasses has a way to get them.



Yep, everyone. Right now, there are 1.1 billion people around the who need glasses but don’t have a way to get them. Here in the US 1 in 4 students has an undiagnosed vision correction need. Fixing a problem that big means working together. Volunteers, doctors, donor, and communities-at-large. Like this one.


Who’s in the mural?

People who care about what glasses can do, what they make possible. Some of them work for OneSight, some of them are OneSight patients, some are fellow Cincinnatians who were willing to lend an eye. Because we’re all in this together. Here’s what a few of them had to say on the subject


“my glasses let me”


Hannah K

“Drive at night.”

Melany L

“Recognize my friends’ faces”

Ledawn T

“Function as an adult”

robby R

“Try on different personalities”

alicia b

“Spark new ideas”

Patricia N

“See the world”

liam H

“See the smart board at school”

raizza R

“See the faces of my loved ones”

How did you make it?

Glad you asked. Check out the ‘making of’ video here:


Check out the mural at 1730 Race Street in Over-the-Rhine.

special thanks to

Jon Willis (who you might know as JonBob) for coming up with this brilliant notion. And The Model Group for their generous donation of the space for the mural on their building.


If you’d like to know a little more about how we’re helping Cincinnati—and the rest of the world—see clearly, just give us a little info.