StoreSuperstars – OneSight


You’ve earned an exclusive opportunity
to attend a charitable clinic in 2019.


You are a leader in raising funds for OneSight through customer giving.

As a way of saying thank you, we are offering you a spot at one of our charitable clinics in 2019. All you have to do is confirm your eligibility and supervisor approval by clicking the button below, and complete the application.

Claim Your Spot

Use code: Apply2019


Why am I getting this invitation?


Helping OneSight build awareness about the programming that we do with your customers is critical to maintaining and expanding our impact around the world. We want to celebrate your accomplishment and invite you to experience firsthand the change that you are fueling around the world.

So, I'm guaranteed a spot?


Yes! You just need to fill out an application to confirm your eligibility and supervisor approval at (or use the button above), and we will assign you to a charitable clinic in 2019.

Is this open to everyone?


No, this is only for those who have excelled at customer giving throughout 2018.

What do I need to do?


Just click the button above or go to and use code apply2019.

Do I get to choose which clinic I attend?


No, we will place you in a clinic that needs your expertise the most. But no matter where in the world your clinic is, it’s bound to be a fantastic experience.

When do I find out which clinic I was selected to attend?


We will announce all clinic teams on December 11th, 2018, both on as well as by email. So stay tuned!