Dr. Pam Brown


“As an Optometrist with LensCrafters, I’ve been with Luxottica for 12 years and I just wrapped up my 33rd clinic. I think a lot of times we can get wrapped up in seeing patients everyday in the clinic setting. We forget that there are many people out there who can not afford vision care. Through OneSight, I have the honor of helping some of those people globally. Before OneSight, I hadn’t really thought of the impact of not being able to afford a simple pair of glasses. One patient I met in Guatemala was the sole provider for her family. This woman was about 50-years old and a seamstress, but she could no longer focus up close. What that meant to her family was that she could no longer provide for them. We provided her with a pair of basically over the counter reading glasses for her – and she could work again. I think that’s powerful. I encourage everyone to grow their heart and help others just like her.”