The Gambia

From One Center to Complete National Access


When OneSight piloted its first sustainable vision center in The Gambia, there was only 1 optometrist to serve the entire country of 1.8 million people. Since then, we’ve opened 7 permanent vision centers, a central manufacturing lab, and have created 84 new local jobs, which provide vision care access to all Gambians.

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The Signing


On June 27, we celebrated the official transition of vision center operations to The Gambia government.

We’re so excited about how far we’ve come – but we’re even more excited about what this means for the future of our sustainable work. The transition signifies the positive outcome of a public-private partnership, proves that there is a solution for the global vision care access issue affecting 1.1 billion people worldwide, and signals that solving this issue in our lifetime is plausible.


Why the Gambia?

1 out of every 3 Gambians experience a refractive error in their vision; and more than 60% of the respondents with this condition are unaware that they have a problem. Over half of all Gambians makes under $2/day, making the cost of a pair of glasses prohibitive – a single pair would have cost  more than a month’s worth of income



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The Project

The Gambia was the first country OneSight piloted and launched its sustainable solution. In April of 2013, OneSight opened its first permanent vision center in The Gambia, officially embarking on a mission to provide all 1.8 million people with permanent vision care access, where there was previously just one ophthalmologist for the entire country. 

In just 6 years, OneSight, in partnership with The Gambia government, is set to fulfill its mission after developing 7 vision centers, 1 manufacturing facility and 84 newly created jobs, resulting in a fully self-sustaining health care infrastructure that will serve the country’s population for years to come.



THE Stories



Constantine is a beautiful 26 year old living in The Gambia. She is currently a student earning her master’s degree in climate change.

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What’s Next

OneSight’s role now is as a consultant continue to monitor Key Performance Indicators and P&L through quarterly check-ups and an annual audit. Our team is also available to the government and vision center staff for questions and consultations. The government of The Gambia is responsible for continued staffing, finance, inventory, logistics, supply chain, operations, etc.

More About the Gambia

Situated on the north-western coast of sub-Saharan Africa and bordered on three sides by Senegal, The Gambia is the smallest country on the continent. Covering 4,400 square miles with 1.8 million inhabitants, it is a very poor country. Ranked 151 of 160 on the Human Development Index, one third of the population lives below the international poverty datum line of $1.25 per day and two thirds survive on less than $2.00 per day.