“This is Jazzy. She was 9 and lived with her family on the Lakota Indian Reservation in the middle of South Dakota’s arid plains. If I recall correctly, we refracted her at a +4.00 and she was getting her first pair of glasses. I’ve encountered similar and special situations with children getting their first gift of sight year after year in the service of OneSight. The reason this one stands out to me is because Jazzy was the most engaging, positive child I’ve ever helped.

I had the opportunity to spend the day with her as we had media coverage for the clinic that featured her.  Her smile was literally from ear to ear and she lit up when we gave her the ability to see the chalk board for the first time. We drove over an hour to visit her school and had the joy of seeing her read letters for the first time from the back of the class. Unfortunately, her teenage brother was not happy with all the attention Jazzy received and we learned that the week after the clinic he broke her glasses.   We managed to replace them and I’ll never forget those few days we had with the most positive, appreciative recipient I’ve ever experienced. Many that see this photo ask if she is my daughter. While not blessed to have ever had children, I can’t think of a better child to have than Jazzy.”

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