“While doing a OneSight clinic in Bakersfield, CA with THE Dawn Yager. I found myself doing lensometry. I found it easiest to go and just pull glasses from those waiting for their eyes to dilate, this way I didn’t slow the flow of clinic. I came upon a young man named Charles whose glasses were held together in multiple places by black electrical tape. He broke them playing soccer and his parents didn’t have the means to buy him new ones. His Rx turned out to be a very high plus power with a very high astigmatism. I took his glasses back to him and just watched him continue to go through the clinic process. As he got closer to sitting in the exam lane with our amazing doctor Vin Dang. I found someone to take my position doing lensometry.

I talked to Dawn about him & she just spoke to me without saying a word. I went to him and asked if I could take his glasses for a few minutes, knowing that he wasn’t using them during the exam. I took them to frame selection to attempt to find frames his lenses would fit into and with just a slight hand edging by our amazing lab team to his existing lenses, we were able to get him set with glasses without black electrical tape. I got back to the exam lane just as they were finished and handed them to him. His eyes and his mouth opened in complete shock! As he put them on I could tell he was struggling to process what just happened so I explained and he was just speechless. I then walked him over to frame selection and told him that he also got to pick another pair and that he would receive those in a few weeks at his school when the lab in Cincinnati completed them. He turned to me and said nothing but just leaned into me and started crying. I mean sobbing. I mean trembling with emotion which of course made me do the same. We stood for as long as it took and had more than a special moment. I went back to work and he selected his 2nd pair and went to wait for his whole class to finish being seen. A little while later he came to me to thank me and handed me a handmade card using a grease pencil and paper that he borrowed from the lab.

I think of Charles often and know that we had a magical moment that I will never forget and I truly hope that for just that one day I made him understand and feel like he matters.”

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