“I have participated in 12 Onesight clinics in one capacity or another. My favorite clinic is in Fishkill NY where we help many underprivileged kids from the NYC area. We were dispensing glasses a few years ago and, as was protocol at the time, we would fit the glasses to the child and then we would take them and give them to the camp counselors to keep them safe until the child was leaving for home. In doing this, it was guaranteed that the glasses wouldn’t get broken or lost. This one child was a high minus prescription and when we fitted his glasses he was amazed at how well he could see. When we took the glasses back and explained the protocol he said, “can I have them back just once more so I can take a look around before you take them”? Needless to say, we let him keep his glasses right then and there. I couldn’t help but tear up as I was telling that story to the group later on. I always told the team at the beginning, everybody has their “moment” while on a clinic. It’s a very special part of why we do this. I have skills that allow me to give back to the community. Why wouldn’t I?”

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