“In Mexico a few years ago, we helped almost 4,000 people, many of whom had traveled for days to get eye care. Each family was given only one voucher and had to choose which family needed care the most. A mother came in to get her vision tested and brought her beautiful little daughter with her. With the help of an interpreter, I tried to talk to the very shy, quiet little girl, maybe 7. I asked her what grade she was in school. Her mother said she wouldn’t talk to me and that she wasn’t very smart anyway so she wasn’t going to school. The way the girl looked at me, I asked if I could take her to check her eyes, even though she didn’t have another voucher. Below her picture is her auto refraction. This poor baby wasn’t stupid…she simply could not see. We had to shuttle her glasses, but we made them. This has stuck with me. How many people are out there with brilliant minds…who were deprived of opportunities, simply because they couldn’t see? We have to find them!”

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