A way to celebrate all the great things glasses do for us. And it’s a way to help raise awareness of the Vision Care Gap: the fact that 1 in 7 people around the world have no way to get an eye exam or a pair of glasses.


1Snap a selfie with your favorite glasses

2Post on social using #WearGlassesWednesday



some ideas to get you started:


“My glasses do more than help me see clearly—they help me work better, see the faces and places I love, and keep my world in focus. But there are a lot of people in the world—1 in 7 to be exact—who can’t see clearly but lack access to glasses. I’m celebrating my specs for #wearglasseswednesday in support of them, and I encourage you to do the same. Join me by posting your own selfie wearing your glasses.”

“I don’t wear glasses normally, but today I am! Why? Because I’m supporting #wearglasseswednesday to bring attention to the fact that 1 in 7 people around the globe need glasses but can’t get them. Want to join me? Share your own #wearglasseswednesday selfie to support the cause.”


Who Even Are You?

OneSight has been helping people around the world get eye exams and glasses for over 30 years. See how we’re closing the Vision Care Gap.


Great question. Imagine what your life would be like living in a blurry world. This. is. a. solvable. problem. If we all work together.

Can I do More?

Yes! There are so many ways to get involved: volunteer, fundraise, introduce us to partner organizations, and more.

I don’t wear glasses!

That’s fine! It’s a great opportunity to see what people who can’t get glasses have to deal with. Just borrow a friend’s pair!

What does the Vision Care Gap mean?

It means three things: people aren’t aware that eye care is even a thing; or it means it’s not affordable; or it’s so far away that it’s impractical to get to. But in many many places it’s simply not there.



Some people, especially children, just don’t know that there is a problem with their eyes. They think that’s just what everyone sees (or doesn’t see).


Could you afford to spend a month’s wages on a pair of glasses? Neither can a lot of people around the world—but that’s what it would cost them.


If you had to wait 2 years like the people in Lota, Chile to see an eye doctor, would you even bother? Some travel days to their appointments.

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