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Workplace Giving with OneSight


Looking for an easy, powerful way to integrate cause into your corporate culture?

Workplace giving provides the opportunity to connect with employees and make an impact around issues – like vision care – that resonate with them. This goes a long way towards attracting, engaging and retaining team members. Give your employees an easy way to help the world see.

Payroll donations provide a foundation of ongoing support to help change lives, communities, and hearts for good through the power of glasses—in your backyard and around the world.

Change lives

Donate a pair of glasses per paycheck
($10 per paycheck)


Sponsor eye exams & glasses for a classroom of 20
($22 per paycheck)


Choose an amount that feels right for you. Any amount helps.



Our Workplace Giving Toolkit has everything you need to jumpstart a successful campaign—from timelines and helpful reminders to sample emails and donation forms.

Workplace Giving Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Brittany Alba can help. Contact her at 513-283-9690 or [email protected].

The Power of Workplace Giving

Employees feel a greater sense of loyalty to companies that help them contribute to important issues.

50% lower turnover
7.5% higher employee engagement
13% greater workplace productivity
Up to 6% higher market value
Up to 20% more revenue


“The opportunity to connect emotively to employees around issues that resonate with them goes a long way toward attracting, retaining and engaging today’s workers, and that has both business and social impact.” – Today’s Guide to Workplace Giving Success

Why Glasses?

Glasses do way more than help people see better—glasses help them live better. Students can see their classwork, and a better future. Adults can earn more and provide better for their families. Such a simple thing has such a profound effect. And your company can help people get the glasses they need.