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people across the globe can’t get an eye exam and a pair of glasses.

  • Sustainable Vision Centers

    Permanent access to vision care through community partnerships and empowering local professionals to take the lead.

  • Vision Care Clinics

    Short-term vision care for communities in need. Patients receive an eye exam and pair of glasses in a single day.

  • Passionate Partners

    Both Vision Care Clinics and Sustainable Vision Centers are staffed by eye care professionals with a shared vision to help the world see.

  • Our approach brings access to an eye exam and a pair of glasses to those in need.

Leading the Global Movement to Help the World See

With your support, OneSight brings vision care to people across the globe by mobilizing eye care professionals, industry experts, volunteers, and partners. Our shared passion for giving the best care to every patient is what sets us apart. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of care no matter where in the world we are working. This means that patients receive comprehensive eye exams and new, top-quality eyewear that allows them to see, look, and feel their best. Because each community is different, we develop solutions customized to meet local needs. Patients then walk away empowered to give their best to families, employers and communities.