Clear visionreveals to each of us
what we are capable of

OneSight Beneficiary
Line for Vision Care

But the reality is 1 in 7 people in this world lack
access to vision care

Vision Care Can Be Distant

Making it a struggle for those
who need glasses to meet the
most basic needs of living

For some an eye care
center may be too far

(which could mean missing days of work)


Too expensive

(3 months’ wages)



Or too many obstacles
in the way

This has to change.
So we’re changing it.

OneSight Beneficiary's Hands

We have the solution
We know it works
We know we need you

See Our Solutions

Clear sight keeps students focused in the
classroom so they can be up to 2x as successful
in school

OneSight Beneficiary

It helps people find, commute
to and perform better at their
jobs so they can be up to 35% more
and can earn up to 20% more per

It helps people get out into
their communities so they build strong
improve their mental health
and decrease their risk of
social isolation

Clear sight is at the core of how we will take on humanity’s greatest challenges

We believe when more
children can see the
board in school, we all can fight illiteracy

We believe that as more
adults get better-paying
jobs, we all can combat poverty

We believe that as whole
communities gain access to eye
exams and glasses, we all can resist inequality

OneSight Glasses

Simple but powerful

Every person OneSight helps who needs a pair of glasses gets the frames of their choice, lenses made just for them and hope of realizing their potential.