A Tradition of Serving the Cincinnati Community

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As a global nonprofit, we’ve traveled all over the world on a mission to help bring clear sight to every individual, no matter their location or financial status. Now it’s time to bring our mission back home again – to Cincinnati, OH. The Queen City holds a special place in our hearts. It’s the city in which we kickstarted our first school-based vision center, held our first vision van clinic in 1996 and it’s where OneSight is headquartered.

In the past, we’ve held 10 regional clinics, 11 vision van clinics and 24 manufacturing clinics in Cincinnati. We’ve also opened 7 school-based vision centers in the city and surrounding areas, bringing vision care access to over 145,000 local children. Later this week, we’ll be adding to that number with a regional vision care clinic.

From Wednesday, April 24 to Friday, April 26, OneSight will be partnering with Cincinnati Recreation Committee (CRC), Cincinnati Youth Collaborative (CYC) and Su Casa to offer free eye exams and glasses to hundreds of students, senior citizens and Hispanic/Latino immigrants, who would otherwise have limited or no access to vision care. This year marks our 27th year of programming in Cincinnati, where we’ve screened a total of 485,554 with the help of 20,486 incredible volunteers.

This year, we’ll be holding a clinic in the Cincinnati Service Center at Luxottica’s headquarters in Mason, OH. We’ll be setting up and running the 3-day clinic with the help of over 300 local volunteers, which will also be manufacturing glasses onsite.

We’re eager to continue serving the community that we call home. Join us in our goal to #HelpCincinnatiSee with a donation of $30 to provide free glasses and an eye exam to a person in need.