Get To Know Jeannette: OneSight’s New Director of Development

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Doing world-changing work requires a team of passionate people. Our new Director of Global Development, Jeannette Fournier, is as passionate as they come and certainly has a strong dedication to our cause. We asked Jeannette some questions about herself & what brought her to OneSight. Here’s what she shared:

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from?

I was born in Germany, but grew up along the East Coast of the US, in The Netherlands, and in Belgium. My parents immigrated here when I was two for both work and medical care. I am a three time open heart surgery survivor. 

Why vision care? What motivated you to want to help people see?

One day I was at the Free Library of Philadelphia to do research. I walked down a hall with public use computers and saw a Black woman in her 50s looking at a screen where the letters of the words were as big as her hand. I went over and asked, “Is everything ok with your screen? My 8 year old says I always mess things up, but maybe I help you?” She replied that she was job hunting, “Honey, I haven’t been able to find work because my glasses got broke and now I can’t apply for jobs. I was laid off when the dentist I did front desk work for retired. I am good at front office work. I’ve had a whole career doing it for 30 years. But I can’t see.”
Anyway, I filled out the application for her. She was kind, smart, and capable. All she needed was glasses. But she didn’t have insurance and she didn’t have money, because she couldn’t find a job. All because she couldn’t see the applications. One pair of glasses were threatening the livelihood of a hard working woman and her grandchildren. That conversation has never left me.

What do you hope to achieve for and with OneSight?

I’d like OneSight to help people “trip over the truth” to truly understand the depths of the disability of blurry vision. 

Most rewarding aspect of OneSight?

Being part of a team of mission driven individuals who think constantly about ways to improve, expand, and serve people where they are, in the circumstances they find themselves, no matter how difficult.

What motivates you?

A deep passion for helping nonprofits set and get to goals, while also collecting amazing life experiences and new knowledge.

Most challenging career moment?

Disagreements between colleagues are always challenging and when you both care deeply for the work, emotional responses tend to be natural. It’s always important to go back to basics – are we doing right by the mission and the people who are impacted by our work? Start there and work backwards and every problem is surmountable.

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

A marine biologist, a journalist, an artist, and a diplomat. I still love the ocean for vacations and I do creative writing when I can. I paint and negotiate as part of my day job…so I kind of am all the things I dreamed of. I NEVER thought of that until now. How neat is that!

What’s your favorite sight to see?

My children giggling together – that deep belly giggle that only elementary schoolers have with squinty eyes and giant smiles. Actually, anyone in a deep belly laugh is a wonderful sight to see. It’s contagious and healing and just wonderful.

Words you live by?

If you keep asking questions, you will keep getting answers.