Helping The World See With Adaptica’s Advanced Technology

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As technology evolves throughout our world, it revolutionizes how we as a nonprofit are able to achieve our mission. As a global organization, we understand that being proactive in identifying advanced technologies will help us reach more people worldwide and provide higher-quality care, leading us closer to our goal to help the world see. That’s why we’re constantly seeking out partners and processes that can not only help us innovate the way we serve people but also add new populations to those we are able to serve. One of those partners is Adaptica—an Italian company based in Padova that manufactures medical devices, including specialized mobile devices that can identify refractive error and visual defects.

“We all know that the pace of innovation is accelerating. OneSight is really committed to closing this vision care gap for good, and that’s going to rely on a flexible set of solutions.”

– KT Overbey, OneSight President and Executive Director


Since 2018, OneSight has worked with Adaptica to develop innovative vision care technology. Adaptica’s Kaleidos and VisionFit equipment help bring vision care access to even the most remote populations, such as those in the Amazon River Basin. The equipment offers digital capabilities along with speed, accuracy, and logistical efficiency that enable OneSight to create a better experience for patients, doctors, and volunteers. For example, many optometrists may not have the opportunity to use these tools in their daily practice, so OneSight clinics offer them exposure to new technologies in their field.

“From an operational and programming standpoint, both pieces of Adaptica equipment provide us with portability and, as a result, cost savings. Both instruments are easy to either pack or carry, and are the preferred choice when compared to more traditional pieces of equipment that do the same thing. A secondary high-level benefit is the technology itself, unavailable in most countries where we work. When doctors who are not familiar with either the Kaleidos or Vision Fit have an opportunity to see and use these tools, it helps them learn about new technologies, and it puts OneSight in the position of being a thought and operational leader in the field.”

– Dennis Norris, Senior Director of Global Programming


The Kaleidos technology measures the refraction of both eyes and can help identify other visual impairments. It allows exams to be performed in any lighting condition, which is optimal for our ever-changing charitable clinic locations. To use it, patients place their eyes up to the device, allowing the person screening them to automatically detect refractive errors in less than 3 seconds. The high speed not only allows us to screen each patient faster but also allows us to see more people in a short amount of time.


In place of a traditional phoropter, Adaptica’s VisionFit SC is a mobile and wearable option that helps optometrists on OneSight clinics determine the exact vision correction needs of the patient. It’s especially great for children and those the may not be able to sit still for long periods because it allows the patient to sit in the position they prefer. In addition, its comfortable and small footprint reduces the examination time and increases the peripheral vision.