How To Get Glasses With OneSight’s Vision Voucher Program

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If you or someone you know needs glasses and cannot afford them, you may be eligible for the OneSight Vision Voucher program. The OneSight Vision Voucher program is done in partnership with EssilorLuxottica to help people in need obtain free eyewear when they’re not able to cover the cost of glasses with insurance, Medicaid, or other financial means. 

To qualify for the program, patients should complete the following steps:

1. Verify your visual & financial need.

In order to qualify for a free pair of glasses, you’ll need to obtain a referral letter from a verified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that verifies your vision impairment and lack of financial means to afford glasses. The letter must be written on company letterhead and include the Tax ID# of the nonprofit organization. Consider reaching out to your local school, church, Lions Club, Prevent Blindness, Red Cross, or United Way for a referral letter.


2. Get a valid vision prescription.
If you already have a valid prescription from an eye doctor, ensure you have the necessary paperwork to share this information with the Luxottica Retailer. If you do not already have a valid prescription (one that is less than 2 years old), you can ask the onsite doctors at the Luxottica Retail location if they are able to donate an eye exam OR you can contact Prevent Blindness for assistance.


3. Take your referral letter & prescription to a participating Luxottica Retail location.

Once you’ve obtained a referral letter and have a valid prescription from an eye doctor, you can visit a participating Luxottica Retail location to receive a pair of new glasses at no charge. Locations may include LensCrafters, Target Optical, or Pearle Vision corporate stores. 


At OneSight, we’re on a mission to make sure that everyone, everywhere can get the glasses and vision care they need. If you know someone who may benefit from the OneSight Vision Voucher program, please share this information with them & encourage them to visit a participating retail location.