Empowering Women With OneSight Sustainable Vision Centers

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One of the ways OneSight empowers others is through our sustainable vision centers, which provide permanent vision care to communities that lack access. Many of the individuals who staff these centers are women. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating some of them, their amazing stories, and their many achievements. We have the privilege of working with strong women all over the world, and are proud to empower them and their local  communities everyday.

“I’m a Lab Manager at the NEHP/Onesight Lab in the Gambia. I am a native Gambian, residing in Bakoteh. I always wanted to work in a place that had a direct impact on people’s lives. OneSight has allowed me to do that by providing the training, equipment and systems necessary to administer excellent service to the Gambian people. I empower others by processing the glasses for each prescription that’s sent through the lab. This enables people in my community to see clearly, which in turn helps their families by restoring their loved one’s sight with a pair of glasses”

“I’m a Registered Nurse, with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. I currently work as a Vision Technician at the Liberia Eye Center in the John F Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia. I am a native Liberian, who lives in the New Georgia Community, Montserrado County, Monrovia Liberia. For many years, I wanted to work in the vision care field. As a young woman, my dream became a reality when OneSight and LV Prasad Eye Institute opened a sustainable vision care center in Liberia. The training I went through paired with the equipment I was provided with has empowered me to assist those in need of vision care in Liberia, while also providing me a career to support my family. My biggest goal currently is to ensure that the 90% of patients with avoidable vision problems are being reached across Liberia. I empower others by giving them preventive messages and by telling them how a pair of glasses can change a person’s life both socially and economically.”

“I have a certificate in clearing and forwarding, and work in the Vision Centre of Mansa Hospital in Zambia. OneSight has empowered me with basic knowledge about refractive errors, dispensing skills, marketing, sales soft skills, and basic computer knowledge. My goal is to add value to my community through sensitizing them on the importance of glasses and vision care, while providing the utmost patient satisfaction. I empower others by always encouraging my team to work towards meeting their targets. I like to remind them that we don’t aim to achieve 100% in our target performance; we aim to achieve the extraordinary. That’s what the team needs to pursue in all their targets.”

“I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Masters in Public Administration in International Development. I work as the Country Manager of Zambia for OneSight. OneSight has provided me with a platform to be able to achieve my personal goal of ensuring that human potential is unlocked through vision care access in Zambia. The organization has also given me support, guidance and above all else, a great team full of expertise. I believe in inherent human potential which needs to be nurtured and unleashed, so my goal is to help others in my journey to success. That’s why I focus on providing opportunities for growth for each member of my team and encourage them to think beyond their current positions and aim higher as a way of preparing them for higher positions. I empower others through mentorship and leadership development, instilling the importance of personal growth in team members”OneSight sustainable vision care centers are dependent on donors like you.


OneSight sustainable vision care centers are dependent on donors like you. Donate $30 to give an eye exam and pair of glasses to someone in need .