Leading One Country’s Vision: Sustainable Access in The Gambia

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In 2016 OneSight celebrated a major milestone: completing the sustainable vision care system for one entire country—The Gambia. This means that any Gambian in need of a pair of glasses can easily find them in an accessible location for an affordable price. Just four years ago The Gambia had only one optometrist to serve the entire country of 2 million people. Now, there are seven vision centers as well as a local manufacturing center working to provide access to vision care for all Gambian citizens. The vision care infrastructure has created 187 new jobs for Gambians so far.

President Barrow_Gambia

Just weeks after becoming the first democratically elected president of The Gambia, Adama Barrow found himself unable to read small text clearly and in need of a pair of glasses. On the advice of the Ministry of Health, he promptly visited one of OneSight’s sustainable vision centers where he received an eye exam and a pair of glasses from the Sheike Zayde Regional Eye Care Center. This was President Barrow’s first time ever receiving glasses, and he was thankful for his renewed sight. President Barrow and his wife each left the center having purchased a pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Assisted by the dispensing staff, he chose a plastic blue-black frame that he loves. Not only will President Barrow’s new glasses allow him to easily read addresses to the nation, but they will empower him to lead his country with a clear vision.

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