Luxottica Retail N.A. and the AOSA Team Up to Send Optometry Students to OneSight Clinic in Tanzania

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Luxottica Retail N.A. has partnered with the American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) to create a special OneSight clinic for Optometry Students in Tanzania on May 5-13, 2017.

OneSight, a global non-profit founded and sponsored by Luxottica, has provided eye exams and glasses to more than 9 million people across 46 countries as part of its mission to eradicate the global vision crisis. Its special OD clinic, created in partnership with AOSA and the International Medical and Technological University (IMTU) in Tanzania, will give students firsthand experience with the global vision crisis and a chance to work alongside a multinational team to help 2,500 patients in the Dar Es Salaam region.

For many years, Luxottica employees and affiliated doctors have given a deeper meaning to their work by volunteering their time and skills at one of many OneSight Vision Care Clinics in the most underserved areas around the world. With this clinic, Luxottica Retail will extend the opportunity to Optometry students across North America for the first time.

During the course of the one-week clinic, OD students will work under the supervision of licensed ODs performing comprehensive eye exams. They will also help support a core team of Luxottica volunteers in the frame fitting, manufacturing and dispensing of eyewear. For the 25 OD students selected, Luxottica will cover expenses associated with the clinic, including airfare, accommodations and meals. The selection committee will consist of the AOSA Board and many AOA leaders.

“Optometry students are an incredibly passionate group, particularly when it comes to social good – we know there is a lot they can bring to the OneSight experience,” said Dr. Jason Singh, Luxottica’s Chief Medical Officer. “This clinic is a rare opportunity for them to immerse themselves in an area that averages only one OD for every 200,000 people. For perspective, the United States has roughly one OD for every 7,000 people. The OD students will be working alongside top ODs using some of the industry’s leading technology and making a significant impact on thousands of lives.”

“The opportunity to partner with OneSight and Luxottica in bringing optical care to those with such great need is exactly the kind of opportunity OD students are eager to engage in,” says AOSA President Erick Henderson. “Giving back is a shared value of our student community. This vision clinic will certainly be a very powerful experience.”

The student application process for the Tanzania clinic is open December 1 – 14, 2016. Students may visit to apply and to learn more about OneSight. Clinic teams will be announced in February 2017.