Daw regained her confidence thanks to clear sight

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Daw cho cho win


As Daw received glasses from OneSight, she told us about the humiliation she felt when her kids told her she was eating ants that were crawling on her food.

With exuberance, she invited us to her one-table restaurant in front of her one-room home and shared more about her life story over a bowl of her famous noodles.

With twins under 2 years old and 3 older kids, her husband left her and she was forced to leave Myanmar to find refuge in Thailand.

6 years later and mighty as ever, she and her children have found a future in Thailand. She is safe and happy and she is married to a man who is “like a big tree” and protects their family.

Thanks to her clear sight and new glasses, her confidence and pride were on full display with her huge smile.

OneSight is working to bring vision care to the 200,000 displaced people, just like Daw, along the Thai-Myanmar border by 2020.