Meet Dina: A 13-Year Old Girl From Indonesia

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Dina | 13 years old

“Among the many students I brought from our school to attend the OneSight clinic, there was one that stood out. Dina, a 13-year-old from Maros, Indonesia, has a problem with her vision and, unlike others, it is physically visible. I know her family; Dina’s father works as a chocolate transport worker in an industrial area. His job is to carry chocolate into the truck. In order to save money for his family, he isn’t able to go home every day to meet his family. Meanwhile, Dina’s mother stays at home taking care of their children. They don’t have enough money for vision care and can’t afford the most basic health insurance available in the country.

I took Dina to the OneSight clinic with the hope of getting her the treatment she needs or at least determining what had happened to her eye. When we came and moved through the process at the clinic, I always followed where Dina went. As a teacher, I knew my students more than just in the classroom. It’s always better to get to know them personally, get closer, and encourage them in any situation.

The results of the initial examination came out and the doctors said that her eye had moved from its original position and would get worse if not treated immediately. They wrote a letter of recommendation to get her examined and to do further tests at the local Eye Hospital. This was a huge relief to me. The free initial checkup offered at this clinic prevents bad things from happening in the future, and the recommendations they wrote Dina raise hope regarding costs. I will soon meet with Dina’s parents to discuss this matter further. Dina still received a new pair of glasses to help her vision, but she repeatedly removed them to wipe her tears that kept coming out, then put them on again. The tears were not only in her eyes but also wet her hands. Dina indeed rarely smiles but I know she is not sad; I know she is very happy.” — Dina’s Teacher