Meet Emily

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As Emily walked up to one of the eye exam machines at our OneSight Cincinnati clinic, she asked,”Will this hurt?” She and a few of her classmates were very nervous, so our OneSight team stepped up to do what they do best. They whispered encouraging words, smiled and cheered all of them on throughout the entire clinic process, from registration through the making of their glasses.

Emily along with 30 of her classmates attended the Cincinnati Clinic in partnership with Su Casa, The Cincinnati Youth Collaborative and Cincinnati Recreation Communication, sponsored by Luxottica. Out of the 30 students, 28 needed glasses and received a high-quality eye exam. After receiving her much needed glasses, Emily said she wanted to be an eye doctor when she grows up. Now that’s what we call good vision!

Glasses can dramatically improve a student’s ability to learn. Donate $10 to provide a pair of glasses to a student in need.  

* Names changed for people under 18 to protect privacy.