Meet Jessica: OneSight Volunteer from Cleveland, OH

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OneSight’s efforts are largely fueled by passionate individuals who selflessly dedicate their time and energy to serving others. We asked some of our recent volunteers to share a bit more about themselves and what drives them. Here’s what they had to say:

Jessica Pargament from Cleveland, OH

What brought you to OneSight?

A passion for volunteering and meeting new and different people.

What do you love about OneSight?

Besides the obvious love for helping people to see, I also love the lifelong bond formed in clinics. You can see someone from a clinic that you haven’t seen in years and there’s always a special connection there.

Favorite way to volunteer and help people see:

Anything with the little ones! I love seeing them get their first pair of glasses at dispense – sometimes it’s one of the few things that is uniquely theirs and no one else’s. 

What do you do outside of OneSight?

At Luxottica, I work on the Luxottica University team. Outside of work, I volunteer at an animal shelter and love being with my pups!

Share something not a lot of people know about you:

I was on House Hunters International when I lived in Milan as an expat for Luxottica.

What motivates or inspires you?

I’m always inspired by groups of people cooperating and working together toward a greater goal. Whether that’s in a clinic or even my team at work. It’s inspiring what people can do together.

Most challenging volunteer moment?

Watching the line of people waiting to come into the clinic, knowing we wouldn’t be able to help all of them.

Best volunteer moment?

Having a little boy in Thailand reach out to hold my hand to walk him through the clinic. The best!

Words you live by?

Empowered women empower women.