Meet Luboo: A security guard living along the Thailand-Myanmar border

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This is 43-year-old Luboo. He’s been living along the Thailand-Myanmar border for almost 13 years. He’s a security guard inside one of the temporary shelters. When trying to cross the border 11 years ago, he tragically lost his leg. Along with losing a leg, his left eye suffered from the impact of the bomb explosion as well. Since then, his left eye has been sensitive to the light. In order for him to perform his best at his job, he’s been using eye drops. However, this is not working anymore. He’s now hoping that OneSight can turn it all around and that he’ll be able to pursue his dream job of selling fruit.


He has always wanted to plant, farm and garden, but wasn’t able to. Given his circumstances, it is more challenging for Luboo. We asked him what is the first thing he’d like to look at after he gets his glasses. “I want to see my parents. I want to let them know that I’m fine. I may have lost my leg, and almost my eye, but I survived and Onesight has helped me with my vision.”


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