Meet Ramli: A Fourth Grade Student Living in Maros, Indonesia

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Ramli | 4th Grade

“My name is Ramli and I’m 8 years old. Since I started school, I couldn’t see clearly and it was getting worse and worse every time. Mom and dad bought me a pair of glasses, but it’s been a long time. The lenses on my glasses are dull and have many scratches now. Also the handle is a little rusty, but I still use it, because I love reading and studying at school is always fun. I don’t have a new pair yet.

I am in fourth grade now. Every time I am going to school I always excited, but lately there has been a dog hanging around the house. And without any reasoning, he keeps chasing anyone who passes. And a few days ago the thing that I feared most happened. The dog was chasing me and I ran as hard as I could. Unfortunately, I fell and broke my glasses when the dog stopped chasing me after being driven out by a neighbor. I was so sad, because now I couldn’t see properly.

Today I came with my teacher to the OneSight clinic. Everyone here is very nice and friendly, and after a few hours I can get a new pair of glasses that are not only lightweight, but also have very clear lenses. Everything I see now is clearer. I am very happy that tomorrow I can go to school and study better. I can’t wait to show my new glasses to my parents! I will keep the old glasses as a keepsake.”