Meet Veronica

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Veronica is 30-years-old and hasn’t seen the faces of her 4 small children clearly. That’s because she lost almost all of her vision in her first pregnancy and where she lives in Lota, Chile it can take up to 2 years to get a pair of glasses. That is, if you can afford them.

Veronica and her husband Jose, a construction worker, came to the OneSight Vision Clinic with great hope that they might be able to see again. Their family has been facing many challenges every single day as a result of their completely blurry vision. With great delight, Veronica left the clinic with a prescription for a pair of glasses with a -14 power and a temporary pair with a lower prescription of -10 to help her get by until the new pair arrived in a month on a special shipment. Right after she was given her glasses, Veronica wanted to see her baby’s face and she requested a mirror right away because she’s always heard that she had freckles by hadn’t seen them.

Her husband, Jose, carried around a single lens in his pocket to help him see a little bit. His vision was also awful. When Jose put on his first pair of glasses with his -9 prescription, Veronica smiled at him and flipped her hair a little bit. She said, “And, do you like what you see?”

We like what we see, Veronica! And our favorite sight is the smile on the faces of the patients we’re able to serve. Learn more about how we’re helping patients like Veronica & Jose gain access to quality vision care.