OneSight and LensCrafters Volunteers #HelpMontanaSee

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A week-long vision care clinic this June marks OneSight’s second year in a row bringing free vision care to people in the city of Browning in northern Montana. Held in partnership with Walking Shield and the Blackfeet Nation, this clinic was the first located on the Blackfeet Reservation itself.

At this special clinic, 49 volunteers from LensCrafters provided care to 1,483 adults and children, 87% of which needed glasses. The OneSight team thanks the LensCrafters employees who gave their time and skill sets to serve the people of Browning.

The need in Browning is great: this area, home to over 17,000 Blackfeet Nation members, faces tough economic realities. Unemployment, lack of insurance coverage, homelessness, substance abuse, food insecurity and mental health are all obstacles that every person there has to navigate.

 One patient, Robert, came to the clinic wearing his nieces glasses which were only 1/3 of the actual prescription he needed. When he got his new ones, he said “These glasses are going to give me a fresh start and help me get a good job.”

A fresh start is the focus of Robert’s life now as he leaves his old life of addiction behind and moves to a new chapter of recovery. Before he got himself into a treatment program, the consequences of his addiction included a string of failed relationships and 8 years in jail. He has a lot to live for now with a new baby on the way and wants to be a good father to the boy he wants to name Isaiah.

The tattoo on his face has the symbol of the Morning Star and its meaning is tied to his ancestors, the feather signifies he is the only son. His spirit animal is the bear which comes to him in his dreams and gives him a sense of calm and peace.

You can help provide glasses for more patients like Robert and help them reach their potential. Donate $10 now.