“My life is so much easier…”

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Cecilia (23) thought that a life with continuous squinting was completely normal, but it wasn’t until she got her first pair of glasses that she truly saw the world around her. When diagnosed with -25.00, many of her learning habits—like moving closer to the classroom board everyday—were explained.

Cecilia received her glasses at the OneSight clinic in Carletonville Hospital, South Africa and believes her life will never be the same. As a student intern who has a passion for reading and watching shows, she is now able to enjoy these things all with fully open eyes. Cecilia also states that she is able to do much more in school and even play games with her friends without the constant feeling of falling. Cecelia’s glasses have given her a new view on life

Cecilia says, “My life is so much easier, and I cannot imagine my life without wearing my glasses every day,” noting that her glasses are the first thing she reaches for the second she opens her eyes in the morning.

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