OneSight Announces REAP Partnership Expansion in China

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Since 1999, OneSight has been providing vision care in China, but permanent access is the next step. According to the global need for glasses study conducted in partnership with Deloitte, OneSight discovered that China has the second highest need for access to vision care than any other country in the world.

Four years ago, OneSight and Luxottica Greater China started the “Seeing is Learning” program in partnership with Stanford University’s Rural Education Action Program (REAP), the organization whose mission is to help students from vulnerable communities in China enhance their human capital and overcome obstacles to education so that they can escape poverty.


After the first phase research study and the subsequent pilot model success, OneSight and REAP are now expanding their partnership to bring access to 18 million people by 2020. Over the next four years, OneSight and Smart Focus, an organization set up by the leaders of REAP and dedicated to expanding vision care access, will partner to open up to 40 vision centers across the Shaanxi and Gansu provinces in rural China. In addition, ongoing research studies will be conducted through the partnership to better understand and measure the impact of vision care on education, economic development and quality of life for patients who receive glasses.

Partnerships like those with Smart Focus allow for OneSight to tailor the sustainable model concept to communities around the world. The collaboration also brings together REAP’s expertise in China with OneSight’s expertise in providing quality vision care to underserved communities. Together, the two organizations will work to bring better access to quality vision care to people throughout rural China.

View the video to learn more about OneSight’s work in China and the partnership with Smart Focus to #helptheworldsee.