OneSight Helps Launch Multi-Year Eye Care Initiative in Bangladesh

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OneSight president and executive director, K-T Overbey (far left), and the Clear Vision Collective, announcing the launch of DRESTI in Sherpur.

Over the next two years, OneSight will work with the Bangladeshi Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, along with 10 other organizations known as the Clear Vision Collective, for Project DRESTI (District Refractive Error and Eye Care Search and Treat Initiative). Project DRESTRI is dedicated to correcting the vision of 58,000 adults and children in the district so that they can see clearly to work, succeed in school, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

The Clear Vision Collective will open and operate four vision centers in Sherpur, make reading glasses available for the first time through 100 Rural Medical Providers, open 25 Eye Mitra optical shops, train 400 health workers to conduct community vision camps, provide children’s eyeglasses through schools, and perform 4,000 cataract surgeries. All this work will be done through Project DRESTI. (Via Vision Monday)


The Clear Vision collective boasts thought-leading organizations from across the eye-care industry, each providing unique areas of support based on core competencies. OneSight will provide product mix consulting, assist with local canvassing, and help establish standardized operating procedures.

“Our goal is for the 1.4 million people of Sherpur to know about the life changing benefits of vision correction and to be able to get affordable glasses and eyecare near to where they live, work and study.” said Ella Gudwin, president of CVC coordinating organization, VisionSpring. (Via Vision Monday)


A patient being registered at an optical shop in Sherpur.

The Clear Vision Collective expects that over 80% of people who acquire glasses through Project DRESTI will be getting their very first ever pair of glasses. The two-year program will serve as a test for potential replication in other districts.

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