Remembering Ron Cuevas: Beloved Volunteer, Father and Friend

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Ron Cuevas was an incredible man who impacted so many people around him. We were lucky enough to have him on 14 OneSight clinic teams in the last 26 years. When we asked fellow volunteers of Ron to share their favorite memories of him, this is what they said:

I was on my very first clinic in 2008 with Ron. He was part of the 3 amigos (along with Tom Cunningham and Bill Fox). He was so kind to me as a first-timer and I was so excited to be on another clinic with him in 2017 in Zambia. We had a great time as the “old folks” hanging out and dancing with the youngsters after the clinic. He will be missed.” – Pam Brown

“I met Ron during our clinic in Zambia in 2017. He was so great with the kids and always full of energy.  I remember his sense of humor and always being up for whatever team adventures were happening. We had some cool experiences with patients singing and dancing as well as fun animal encounters while on that clinic.” – Jenni Eilers Mckinney 

“I went on a Mexico clinic with Ron. I don’t even remember what year it was, but I remember we were featured on Entertainment Tonight with Ed Begley Jr. Ron and I were roommates and the beds were like Flintstone rockhard beds. It was so cold there, but I’ll tell you what – Ron worked his butt off on that clinic. He was so caring and you could tell he loved what he was doing. He was just one of those doctors that you look up to because you knew he loves what he does. His giving spirit will truly be missed at OneSight.” – Steve Stockton 

In loving memory of Ronald Cuevas, 1961 – 2019.