“Wow. That’s how I feel. Just, wow.”

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Sometimes the worst part about having impaired vision is not realizing how bad it is. This was the case for 27-year-old Jose from our clinic in Oaxaca, Mexico. He had gone nearly 3 decades without a single eye exam – learning to get by with just what he knew. Once he looked through his new lenses, he saw what he had been missing his whole life. Jose was speechless and all he could say was “Wow.”

Jose met with Dr. Bistline who was so pleased to be treating him, because of his unforgettable reaction. “I’m so glad he saw us…In my normal practice, I never encounter patients so late in life with Jose’s prescription who have not received care. These glasses are going to improve his life.” With his new glasses, he is now able to carry on with his life – and finally see everything to the fullest.

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