“Your generosity and kindness are beautiful…”

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When our OneSight team met Zague at the Oaxaca, Mexico clinic, they were touched by his passion to find his inner child again. Zague talked about his love for soccer and his memories of watching it growing up. With his impaired vision, Zague hasn’t been able to watch the games like he used to. His vision had been impaired, but got worse in the recent years. At the clinic, Jose was also diagnosed with skin cancer around his eyes from being outside constantly in his job of being a handy man. Zague was thankful that this was detected because now he can seek further help. He was also beyond appreciative of the glasses he received because he can finally go back to watching soccer and live life through a clear lens.

“I needed to come,” Zague said. “Without glasses, I can’t see. Life is more difficult with my bad vision. And glasses are very expensive in Mexico. I do not have a lot of money. So having this gift is very important to me.”

Attending optometrist Dr. Ashley Bailey, was beyond happy to have met Zague because she was able detect his skin cancer for further treatment along with giving him the pair of glasses he strongly needed.

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