From Then Until Now: Reflecting On Success In The Gambia

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“Participating with the initial clinic in The Gambia in June of 2011 and again in 2012 was an experience like no other. In my mind, OneSight was at its best during these initial clinics. We were able to get the clinics up and running with very limited resources. 

It was a long drive to the clinic each day and once at clinic locations, there was no running water. Electrical power was iffy at best and we faced extreme heat and humidity. I remember the sweat burning my eyes. Blowing dust and smoke filled the air. Shade was limited. 

People came – SO MANY people in need. Everyone in these communities came out to greet us each and every day. I’ve learned that it’s often the people that have the least that seem to offer the most! The Gambians were such kind, gracious people. We made many friends with the local volunteers and while I’ve forgotten some of their names, I’ll never forget our longs days of working alongside one another towards a common goal. Even in these extreme conditions, everyone on our team gave it their all in doing what we came to do! This experience will always hold a special place in my heart. I am so humbled and proud to have been a part of this success story!”

When OneSight piloted its first sustainable vision center in The Gambia, there was only 1 optometrist to serve the entire country of 1.8 million people. Now, thanks to OneSight vision centers, the entire country has access. Learn more about our work in The Gambia.