OneSight Travels to Maros, Indonesia to Serve Over 1,500 People In Need

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Indonesia is a South East Asian country made up of thousands of islands and millions of people. Many Indonesian people are living without access to vision care, whether due to affordability or physical proximity to a vision center. Out of the 66 million school-aged children in Indonesia, 10% suffer from refractive disorders or refractions. The need for quality vision care is great, and OneSight is making progress towards fulfilling that need. 

From October 21 – 25, our passionate team of volunteers traveled to Maros, Indonesia to serve over 1,500 people in need. The week was full of joy, newly forged friendships and a whole lot of love. Our team included 25 OneSight volunteers from nine different countries and over 30 local volunteers, many of whom acted as translators. Perdami SulSel, the local branch of the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association, also helped staff the clinic with 15 wonderful ophthalmologists who conducted every eye exam.

In just 5 days, the team was able to serve 1,592 people and provide 1,469 with a pair of glasses. Patients traveled from near and far for the opportunity to access vision care, withstanding record-setting temperatures as they patiently waited to be seen. Some patients, like Ramli, were thrilled to have a new pair of glasses to help them see better in the classroom. Others, like Dina, had greater eye issues and were in serious need of vision care. The smiles on their faces, and occasional tears pooled in their eyes, inspired our team. Witnessing someone see clearly – sometimes for the first time – is a magical moment. 

This clinic wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Bosowa Peduli, Perdami SulSel, Bupati Maros, and Essilor Vision Foundation. 

“With the help of our extraordinary local partners, we’ve been able to provide clear sight to nearly 1,500 local students and workers, improving their ability to learn in school and earn a living. We are so grateful for the incredible support we received to bring this event to life and we look forward to working with these organizations and communities for many years to come.”

– Jenny Harnett, OneSight Program Manager, Australia and New Zealand

2019 marked our first time working in South Sulawesi, but we’re hopeful that it will not be our last. Join our efforts #HelpIndonesiaSee and #HelpTheWorldSee by donating $10 to provide a pair of glasses to someone in need.